Kevin Ramirez


Kevin graduated in Chemical Engineering from the University of Surrey in the UK and obtained a master degree in Eco-innovation from the university of Versailles in France. He worked as R&D engineer in Bio-sciences, being involved in different stages of the development of biotech equipment. He also conducted research in the CO2 valorisation in the cement industry. He worked as consultant for the United Nations Environment Programme where he was engaged in projects related to Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Eco-innovation. Kevin has been involved in the CKAA since 2012. His objectives for this year are:

Metrics and KPIs: Develop simple but meaningful metrics for measuring the impact of the CKAA for this and coming years.

Impactful projects: I would like to promote the development of projects that bring value to the community such as the Mentoring + Knowledge Platform.

Governance of the CKAA: I would like to improve the governance of the CKAA by bringing back the Advisory Board.