Exploring carbon and water footprint of our meals


On October 18th, the Dutch CKAA chapter gathered for their third alumni event about the sustainability and resilience of our food system. Together with Sameer from Safaya Consulting and OnePlanet Kitchen, participants explored the carbon and water footprint of their meals. On the very menu of the evening were casserols and quiches prepared by OnePlanet Kitchen. All based on local ingredients - partially provided by sponsor and food cooperative Odin - these meals showed them how to consume more sustainable.

After the first course Alumni moved on to the science behind sustainable and local food production. They experienced the challenges of self-sufficiency in the sustainable trade game. Participants were representatives of different (demo) countries and had to make decisions on the resources to produce - based on their water availability - in order to create a prosperous and resilient economy. Alumni learned that a vegan diet will resolve much of the issues and that trading your competitive advantage (for some countries this is meat and diary production or cotton production for instance) will give the best results!