Calculate your eco-footprint!


by CKAA  Barcelona chapter

The Zero Waste Barcelona Network organized the first Zero Waste Festival at the NestCityLab, a co-working space in Barcelona. The one-day festival included a tight agenda with parallel sessions including round tables and hands-on workshops on different zero waste matters such as: eco-design, waste on the construction industry, consumer’s behavior and sustainable event planning. The hands-on workshops included a number of different experiences: home-made soup, tips on how to avoid food waste at home, among others.

The workshop of our CKAA Barcelona chapter on calculating the individual ecological footprint was previous to a really practical workshop based on alternatives to minimize our impact. Hence, our role was mainly to make audience aware of 1) how many resources are consuming comparing to the average citizen in Barcelona and 2) which impact categories have the largest impact on their daily activities (including mobility, food, services, etc.). We used the tool provided by the Global Footprint Network and we made the audience do it on-line while we were visualizing on the screen the different results of the 50 attendants. After calculating the number of earths that they need, we focused on the  impact categories and make groups of people to discuss alternatives to the categories with their higher impact.

The majority of people of the audience did not know neither about Climate-KIC nor EIT. They were really interested on the role of CKAA and Climate-KIC on a city level.

All attendants did really like the interactive workshop and they were really keen on finding alternatives about essentially energy suppliers or mobility alternatives. We were asked from one of the festival organizers and one of the attendants to replicate the workshop in other kind of events by 2019.