Berlin Local Heroes!


End of September 2017, two crazy women met at the GreenCycle Academy in Berlin. They formed a team with another three people and came up with a new idea to redesign the supply chain for Schwarz Gruppe*. Like many other start-ups, the team broke up but these two crazy women, Liwah and Dina, decided to stick together. They moved on and fine-tuned the business model to fit into a broader target market.

“We create a new economy with wastes and help empower product developers, designers and end users in the FMCG and non-electronic consumer goods area to develop circular and sustainable products using our 2° raw material database and platform, through 3D printing.”. 

The duo named their start-up 2BY3, initially to target marine littering and with the ocean makes up approximately two-third of the Earth’s surface, later decided to get to the root of the matter. 2BY3 has a vision and a mission to redesign products that are kept at their highest utility and value at all times - a circular economy - that helps to phase out the use of primary raw material and substitute with secondary raw material. They found Marilu afterward. Now the trio makes an excellent team that speaks 10 languages and tacks together expertise across science, engineering, business, economy, industrial design, climate education and advocacy. Most importantly, they also promote women’s empowerment in innovation and entrepreneurship.

It's important to note that the collaboration of the three entreprenuers is an excellent example of Cross-KIC collaborations! 

2BY3 walks the talk and is named a “Women in Innovation” finalist in the The Herald Global Game Changers 2018. They are now working on upscaling through any potential partnerships and investments, regionally and globally.

Good luck 2BY3!

  • Schwarz Gruppe is a private family-owned German retail group that owns and operates the Lidl and Kaufland brands
  • Liwah is an EIT Climate KIC alumna and a Climate Reality Leader. Dina is an initiative founder of Circular Berlin. Both are now Climate KIC Pioneers. Marilu is the Vice President of EIT Raw Materials Alumni Community