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It is certain that one of the main challenges we are facing today, is climate change. Therefore the Climate-KIC Alumni Association's mission is ‘to contribute to building a climate-resilient society by connecting, inspiring and empowering actions of individuals and organisations.” 

As part of the European Institution of Innovation and Technology, the Climate-KIC Alumni Association has created a network that binds highly skilled professionals from across Europe. Our community provides solutions and expertise on climate change related topics in businesses, governments, science and other relevant organisations in order to support their transition to a climate-resilient society.

The Alumni Association forms an important part of the European Union’s main climate and innovation initiative known as Climate-KIC. It is open to all graduates of Climate-KIC’s education programmes, as well as start-up companies that have gone through the accelerator programme.

The community has over 2000 members consisting of entrepreneurs, and young professionals working on creating a climate-resilient society. Members are spread right across Europe, and also outreach to the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia. The number of members continue to grow as the CKAA takes in 400 graduates and companies every year.

The association is run entirely through the voluntary contribution of its members. Each region has a team of local leaders that coordinate local events, with the governing board running the association at a European level. There are also sperate workgroups that coordinate the mentoring programme, lobbying group, publications and IT.

All members of the Climate-KIC Alumni Association have graduated from many of the available Climate-KIC programs.

For any questions please contact contact@ckaa.eu

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Large Bodies

Our network is purely run through the sponsorship of our partners. If you’re interested in supporting the driving force of the future then click here.